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We put great value on personal relationships with our patients. Telepsychiatry is not the "next best thing to being there," it is being there.




The Triple Aim of Telepsychiatry is:


To Improve Your Mental Health Care Access

To Improve Your Mental Health

To Reduce Your Mental Health Care Costs




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Our range of services:


California Telepsychiatrists/American Telepsychiatrists provide immediate psychiatric evaluation or consultation in contracted facilities where a psychiatrist may not be onsite or where patient demand has exceeded current staffing. 


We are able to accomplish this with the use of secure televideo equipment which allows real time, face to face encounters between  patients and our physicians.   


This eliminates the geographic or economic barriers that often stand in the way of receiving treatment.  


We provide complete psychiatric evaluations, medication management for all specialty areas of psychiatry and consulting services to other psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and primary care providers. 


We have experienced, psychiatric certified nursing staff available to assist with any patient or physician need.


We offer no local, private office based services and work only through TeleVideoConferencing to serve Managed Care Companies, HMOs, State and County Agencies, and directly to the consumer by providing fee-for-service Telepsychiatry directly to you in the privacy of your own home or office computer.




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     What is an Independent Contractor?

     FAQ from Potential Applicants


I'm a Primary Care Physician, and I need to Consult a Psychiatrist


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     Consult Services--Phone Consult with Patient Present

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